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Poor attitude from health professionals a barrier to Covid-19 fight - Dr Asomaning Antwi

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Nurses in Ghana
Nurses in Ghana
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Dr Abena Asomaning Antwi, Health Economist and Healthcare Access Expert, has said that poor attitude from health professionals will be a barrier for individuals to report for a health check for Covid-19.

Dr Abena Asomaning Antwi believes that the various issues of poor attitude at the hospitals will turn people off and will make it difficult for them to report signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

Expressing her views on the possible ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 of which two cases have been confirmed, Dr Abena Asomaning Antwi said health professional must put up a good attitude when people report with the signs and symptoms.

"One of the challenges known in our system in Ghana is the poor attitude of health professionals, we need the health professionals to have a good attitude at this time because poor attitude serves as a barrier to access."

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"If the person comes and they have a little headache don't show a bad attitude that you don't have it and they will end up going and when the person leaves he or she may go and infect a lot of people.."

She has also called for a multi-sectoral approach to the fight where every sector will work with the Health Ministry to prevent the spread.

Dr Abena Asomaning Antwi laments the already poor sanitation attitude of the country and how it will play a role in the spread of the virus, she advised that the Sanitation Ministry and the Local Government Ministry should work closely with the Health Ministry to educate the people.

She noted that with intensive public education Ghanaians will be aware of the steps to help prevent the virus.