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The history behind Ghanaian town names ‘Kɔti Yɛ Aboa’ & ‘3twɛ Nim Nyansa’

By Michael Klugey
The history behind Ghanaian town names ‘Kɔti Yɛ Aboa’ & ‘ɛtwɛ Nim Nyansa’
The history behind Ghanaian town names ‘Kɔti Yɛ Aboa’ & ‘ɛtwɛ Nim Nyansa’

In Ghana, names of towns and villages are normally given by the first settlers in those communities and are drawn from the life experiences of those individuals. 

Many Ghanaians had not heard of the villages namely; 'Kɔti Yɛ Aboa’, ‘3twɛ Nim Nyansa', Hwoa y3 mm)b)' until they were mentioned in Parliament - and they have been left wondering about the origins of the names.

Following the Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko’s joke in Parliament that providing the villages with electricity may interfere with nocturnal activities in the communities, Accra-based TV station, UTV visited the villages for an explanation on why the settlers chose those names.

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Atta, the Grandson of one of the settlers, who is also a resident of ‘Kɔti Yɛ Aboa’ explained the history behind the names of the town.

"My late grandmother, Maame Akosua Ani who passed on in the year 2011, explained to me how our Great- grandfathers came to settle on this land.  They were staying in a town called ‘Mia w’ani’ before they moved to settle in a farmland given to them by the chief of Pankese.

The three (3) brothers, Kofi Sampong, Kwadwo Gyan and Kofi Sane were living together until Kwadwo Gyan got married and sacked the other two (2) brothers from the village.

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Kwadwo Gyan's wife later divorced and sacked him from the house and took over his properties.

Gyan turned to his two brothers whom he had earlier sacked from his house for help, and they explained to him how foolish he had behaved by choosing to live with a woman (vagina) instead of sticking to his brothers and now that the “wise vagina” had maltreated him, he was turning to them.

They, therefore, coined the phrase ‘3twɛ Nim Nyansa’ meaning "Vagina is Wise."

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