Video : BECE candidate cries for peace in Chereponi as exams approach

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
BECE candidate cries for peace in Chereponi
BECE candidate cries for peace in Chereponi

A student in Chereponi has made a teary call on the government to help restore peace in the area to allow them to learn and write their upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE.

Interacting with Joy News’ Gifty Andoh Appiah, the visibly apprehensive young lady pleaded with the ethnic groups to stop the conflict.

“It is really affecting us,” she cried fearing that with an aggregate 25 cut of point, she and her classmates may be unable to make the required grade.


BECE candidates race against time over Chereponi conflict

Some students who will write this year's Basic Education Certificate Examination in the Chereponi District have their fates hanging in the balance as schools in the area remain shut due to clashes between the Konkombas and the Chokosis.

As mediation efforts continue, the students have already lost more than a month of contact hours and they have just 14 days to prepare for the exams.

The authorities are in a state of dilemma as they need to prepare the students adequately for the exams which start next month.

This year's BECE starts on June 10 to 14, 2019 instead of the previously announced date of June 3 to 7.

Joy News spoke with a teacher of Chereponi EP Junior High School and the School prefect about the situation.

"As you can see all our schools have been closed, we have just 14 days to start the BECE, when we were preparing for our first mock, the conflict happened and so it was called off. When we reopened somewhere in January, we lost 4 weeks and we vacated very early. We stayed back and had some vacation classes, on the third week when we were expected to start the mock again this conflict resurfaced and now all the papers are locked up," the teacher noted.

"I left Chereponi on April 19, because it was not safe for me, our days were numbered to write the BECE, and to be frank, we are not prepared because of the conflict which has prevented us from writing our mock and learning effectively" the school prefect added.


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