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VIDEO: TV3 staff demands sex from Ghana Most Beautiful contestants– Former contestant

By Kweku Antwi Jnr

A former contestant of TV3’s flagship beauty pageant, Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB), Akosua Ayiwa Sika, has alleged that an employee of TV3 demanded sex from her to facilitate her selection for the competition.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Luv FM over the weekend, the 2015 contestant claimed that the employee whom she did not know came to her and demanded sex to her get into the pageant.

This same employee, she said on the show, also asked all the ten ladies out.

According to her, after the pageant, friends of her started asking her for money and when she’s unable to give it to them, they get angry as they feel she’s having and does not want to give them.

She added that she also faced that same pressure from her family as everyone started making demands from her.

Akosua Sika who was very honest in her interview with the Kumasi based radio station went on to say, people expected her to dress in a certain way after the pageant.

But Akosua added that she tried to stay away from the pressure and chose to be herself and live within her means and not do things just to please some people.

She further went on to state that, just because people had gone for beauty pageants, most people see them as some sex toys. In her full interview with the station, Akosua mentioned that, the sex for crowns in beauty pageant.

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