We are working hard to make Ghana a secure place - Ambrose Dery

By Mutala Yakubu
We are working hard to make Ghana a secure place - Ambrose Dery

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery says all security agencies in the country are working hard to make Ghana a safe place.

His comments come on the recent rise in social vices which includes, murders, kidnapping among others.

This has caused fear and panic among Ghanaians who believe their security and safety is under threat under the NPP governement.

"The Police, Immigration and everybody is working very hard to make Ghana a secured place as the President wants"

"The Police are doing everything they can to rescue the kidnapped girls in Takoradi, we cannot say everything we have picked up so far because the suspects also listen to what the media say"

"We have picked up a second suspect and investigations are going well," he told Joy News.

The Interior Minister, however, entreated the media to assist the security agencies by providing information which person relay to them in connection with any crime.

The search for the three kidnapped girls in Takoradi is still in progress as new information from the suspect in police custody Samuel Udoetuk suggest that the girls are still in Ghana.

Officials from the US and UK have arrived in the country to assist the Ghanaian security agencies rescue the kidnapped girls.

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