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Workplaces an easy grounds to spread Covid-19 - Okoe Boye

By Mutala Yakubu
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Former Deputy Health Minister Dr Bernard Okoe Boye says workplaces can be an easier grounds to spread Covid-19.

He said if care is not taken even though parties and other social gatherings have been banned Workplaces can have an effect on the rise of the virus.

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Dr Okoe Boye speaking on Peace FM said the protocols will need to be observed at workplaces to ensure the spread of the virus is contained.

“Apart from parties and weddings, there is another pseudo-party or wedding setting. That is the workplace. The conditions for which parties and weddings have been banned can exist.

“In a workplace for instance, you may not know where your colleague has been over the weekend. You are four people sharing an air-conditioned office. If you remove your mask and it is an enclosed air-conditioned office; the air you all are sharing could carry the virus of one infected person,” he said.

He advised the public to always keep their mask on as the best way to help them not to contract the viru.

“Always keep your mask on, why does removing mask come up? To drink water or to eat. When you are going to eat, step out into an open space and do so to reduce the incidence of infection,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo in his 23rd Covid-19 address said all workplaces, public and private, must employ a shift-system for workers, in addition to the use of virtual platforms for business or work.

Conferences and workshops can take place with all the appropriate protocols. However, I encourage the use of virtual platforms for such engagements.