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4 final year students gang-rape 1st-year female student anally

By Michael Klugey
4 final year students gang-rape 1st-year female student anally
4 final year students gang-rape 1st-year female student anally
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Reports has it that four final year students have gang-raped a first-year student anally at Bibiani Secondary and Technical School in the Bibiani Municipal Assembly of the Western Region of Ghana. 

A close source at the school revealed that the four boys led by one who is the son of a prominent chief in the area managed to lure the first year female student outside the school premises.

The source also revealed that the four boys sent another first-year student to call her (Name withheld) from her dormitory under the guise that her brother is at the school and he urgently needs to see her.

When she went to see them, they were able to lure her outside the school with reasons not yet disclosed. When they finally got her inside a room outside the school premises, 3 of the boys pinned her down and the remaining boy raped her through her anus.

It is reported that the young lady tried all she could to resist but she could not overpower four strong men who were holding her down. She was mercilessly raped by the boys.

The source at the school further revealed that unfortunately for them, they were caught by the school security when they attempted to sneak back into campus together with a girl.


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At first, the authorities called their parents to the school for the children to sign a bond to be of good behaviour after all the 5 students (including the girl) told the authorities and their parents nothing happened between them.

The incident which happened last week left the girl with an uncontrollable running stomach. Unable to control herself, she finally confessed to the school authorities about what really happened the night she was caught by the security.

The boys were summoned by the school authorities to the headmaster’s office. The headmaster called the police who immediately arrested the 4 boys on Friday 12th April 2019.

However, the four boys were released by the police on Monday, 15th April to sit for their WASSCE exams which started on Monday. The girl has since been taken to the hospital for medical checkup and assistance.

For now, names and photos of the students are being held for security/privacy.