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4 reasons why you should not stay a virgin for too long

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
4 reasons why you should not stay a virgin for too long
4 reasons why you should not stay a virgin for too long
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Many choose to be virgins until marriage or until some goal is achieved but little do they know there may be some side effects to this decision.

Being a virgin for too long causes a lot of trouble to our ladies, since there is no specific age limit for being a virgin.

Here are some reasons why the decision to remain celibate should be revisited.

Your immune system weakens

Regular sex is an immune-system booster, increasing your ability to fight off illness. People who engage in regular coitus have a higher concentration of antibodies than those who aren’t getting any booty.

Pent up frustration

Very rarely do we have cases of someone being A-sexual, as everyone has urges. You may control yourself but your lower abdomen will definitely hurt. When people have an orgasm, they let go of a lot of frustration and sex releases that!

Celibacy can weaken your bladder

Sex is great for your Kegels, the muscles that help you hold in your wee. If you’re not having it, your pelvic floor muscles could weaken, leaving you with some dripping.

To keep your Kegels strong, tighten and release your vagina muscles for two minutes a day.

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Loss of confidence and dull ideas

The more often you have sex, the more confident you become about having it — both your own ability and the ability of the relationships in which you’re having the sex.”Regular sex in humans made them smarter, with improved mental performance and increased neuron production to aid in long-term memories.

If you’re not having sex, your neuron function isn’t necessarily getting slower, per se; but it also isn’t getting any better.

Hi ladies! Don’t forget to do what’s right for you, stay safe.