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5 steps to fulfilling your New Year's Resolutions

By Wendy Amarteifio
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5 steps to fulfilling your New Year's Resolutions
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You probably don't remember some of the New Year's resolutions you made last year, or you may be disappointed that you were unable to fulfil them all.

Making resolutions doesn't have to be a pointless exercise. You can accomplish your goals if you're diligent, realistic and know what it takes to succeed.

Prime News has outlined steps to setting New Year’s goals and achieving them too. The following steps will help you achieve your new year resolutions. 

Step 1: Set Realistic Goals

New Year's resolutions are goals, and like any goals, they need to be realistic in order to be achievable. Realistic just means that it should be possible for you to achieve the goals. Setting realistic goals doesn't mean that you have to stop dreaming. It just means that dreaming big is not often a good fit for making resolutions.

Step 2: Write a Plan for Your Resolutions

It is advisable to write down your resolutions so that you're always mindful of them. That technique may work for some, but simply writing down your goals is not enough. You need to come up with a plan to fulfil your New Year's resolutions. It's not necessary to write out an elaborate plan, but bullet points are helpful. Write down the goal, and then underneath, list three to four steps you plan to take to accomplish it.

Step 3: Share Your Plan

One of the reasons why many people don't do anything about their resolutions is because they keep them to themselves. You inherently know that once you share them with others, you'll be held accountable. The person you share your goals with will ask, "How's it going?" You'll have to give a response, and it can be embarrassing to report that you haven't done anything. It will motivate you to have a good report when you're asked.

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Step 4: Fund Your Resolutions

Fulfilling your New Year's resolutions may require you to invest money in yourself. Create a budget that includes your resolution so that you have a clear plan for how to pay for it. If you can't afford to fund it, then it might be a clue that you're setting an unrealistic goal for the year.

Step 5: Get Help from Others

Solicit help from your spouse, children, family members, friends and anyone whom you trust that has the skills to help you fulfil your resolutions. You may just need help from a cheerleader to help motivate you when you feel overwhelmed or tired of working on your goals. That person could be another work at home mom who you've built a relationship with online.

Don't give up on New Year's resolutions because making them hasn't worked out in the past. Use these steps to try one more time and give it all you've got.