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5 things happily married couples do before going to bed

By Wendy Amarteifio
married couples
5 things happily married couples do before going to bed
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What sets us apart is how we do things differently. And this is what differentiates happily married couples from the ones who are not so happy about their conjugal life.

Also, how we end a day has a great impact on how we lead our life. So, let’s look at a few things that most happily married couples do before going to bed.

1. They go to bed at the same time

Remember, a couple that sleeps together stays together. Thanks to our busy schedules, we hardly get time to spend moments of togetherness. In fact, some couples, who have different working hours, might even go to bed at different times. But according to relationship experts, it’s important for couples to go to bed at the same time, which helps them maintain the warmth and intimacy in their relationship.

2. They never entertain phone calls or messages

Smartphones are both a bane and a boon in our life. Our overdependency on our phones, especially social media, can affect our lives and those around us. This is the reason why most couples who enjoy a happy conjugal life, keep their phone on silence or attend to calls only when it’s an emergency after they hit the bed.

3. They never go to bed angry
This is one habit that happily married couples are seen following—they never go to bed angry. Even if they had a fight or disagreement, they make it a point to resolve it. According to experts, harbouring negative feelings while going to sleep not only affects our health but also impacts our peace of mind negatively.

4. They do not carry work to their bedroom

If you are someone who constantly thinks about office or work on your laptop even minutes before going to bed, you need to change this habit as soon as possible. According to a study, people who worry about work past bedtime are less likely to have a happily married life.

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5. They keep their bedroom clutter-free and gadget-free

Bedroom is the place where a couple gets the opportunity to spend time in each other’s company without any disturbance. This is the reason why married couples who keep their bedroom clutter-free, ends up spending some meaningful time in each other’s company.

Credit:India times