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5 top things that happen to the female body during sex

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
5 top things that happen to the female body during sex
5 top things that happen to the female body during sex
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Making love is a sacred act for most of us, which is why it is pretty obvious that you are paying attention to what both you and your partner feel, not to what is actually going on with your body. 

It would be weird if you switched from enjoying the act to thinking through what has just happened to your body, right?.

In fact, the things that happen to you while you are making love can be divided into five groups. If you’re interested in what makes you feel the way you feel, you should consider not only the skills you and your partner have but also the part that your body itself plays.

  1. Desire

The first thing that can notify you of what is going to happen is your desire. But, since all of us are different, we experience desire differently. For some of us, it builds up as a response, but for others, it is just spontaneous. In both cases, it is natural.

  1. Excitement

When your brain realizes it is going to happen, your blood and your heart rate increase. These factors lead to feeling warmer in areas around your cheeks, necks, or chest

This is the time when ladies start to ‘melt’ and the clitoris becomes as ready as your partner’s wonder wand.

  1. The one to go on forever

Once you reach this stage, you understand that you never want it to stop. Your brain shuts all anxiety out, leaving room only for feelings and pleasure.

At this point, your clitoris hides away, so that it does not get overstimulated. Usually, your vaginal lips change color, but it is barely noticeable since no one is looking.

Due to adrenalin, your body spasms, and the most important part gets closer.

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  1. Orgasm

When the climax comes, all of your senses heighten, and all of your muscles contract.

Your heart beats its fastest and blood pressure reaches its highest point, and the same goes for the rest of your body.

This peak of emotions and feelings lasts about 10-25 seconds, depending on the person.

  1. Resolution

This is the stage when your body comes down and all goes back to normal, except for the cervix, since it is responsible for helping the seed get to its destination.