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Check out these 5 April Fool's Day pranks to trick your family, friends

By primenewsghana
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April Fools' Day is a worldwide prank day, celebrated across many countries.

April Fool's Day has become one of the annual customs across the world.

There are also theories that claim that the day is celebrated after the French head of the Catholic Church Pope Gregory XIII introduced the change of calendar from Julian to and ruled that the new calendar would start from January 1 instead of March-end, back in 1582.

The people who refused to accept the change and continued following the Julian calendar started to celebrate April Fool's Day.

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This day includes traditions like trying out practical jokes and hoaxes with their friends or family and screaming ''April Fools!" at the end of the succession of the prank.

Fake birthday

If you’re able to get a hold of a family member or friend’s Facebook account, change their date of birth to 1 April and watch as the birthday messages roll in.

Your victim will be confused at first and will have to shamefacedly make the “thanks for the birthday wishes, but today isn’t actually my birthday…” post.

Cold coffee prank

The easiest prank in the world, this one requires nothing more than a random act of kindness.

One for the moderate pranksters among you, why not take the people you live with a nice cup of tea or coffee on the morning of April 1?

Then spend the rest of the day living off the look on their face when they go to take a sip of their cold, salty beverage. Easy.

Never-ending typing

Prank a friend or family member by sending them a message on a platform that supports GIFs, such as Facebook Messenger, which says something along the lines of “we need to talk” or “you’ll never guess what!” and then sending a GIF of the typing dots that appear when you’re typing.

Your victim will think you’re typing out a massive message and will be sitting on the edge of their seat for a message that will never come.

4. Replace Push and Pull stickers from doors

Find a door that can only be opened by pulling it, then paste a 'Pull only' sticker to it. It will be a funny prank seeing people blindly following the sticker instead trying the other way.

5. Stick an AIrhorn as a door-wall protector

When the person you would have planned to put a prank on, will be shocked for some time also it will take time for them to process what actually happened to them! Imagine them opening the door to enter the room and suddenly the overly loud airhorn blows up!
So that we have got you all covered, try these harmless yet hilarious pranks to trick them out this year! Geoffrey Chaucer