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Clever questions to ask on a first date

By Wendy Amarteifio
Clever questions to ask on a first date
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First dates can be fun and exciting but also nerve-wracking and awkward, especially if you don't know what to ask to keep the conversation going.

So why not open the floodgates of your first date with some clever questions to get the conversation going?

Here are 3 questions to ask your date and get to know each other;

What’s something that you’ve always been curious about and wanted to try?

This is a good way to take a peek into what your date is into, how adventurous they can be, and if they align with yours. It will also give you an insight and a clue on the activities you can try on your next date, based on their interests.

They might also surprise you with something you never even considered. So this is definitely a clever and fun one to ask.

What are you looking for?

Asking your date what they're looking for is a smart way to know their stand. You will be able to know if he/she is looking for something casual, a rebound or a serious and committed relationship. That way you won't waste each other's time in an event where he/she wants something different from you.

However, while asking this, don't make it feel like an interrogation. Make it casual, light and fun.

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What's that one thing you've been proud of lately?

If you're looking for someone who's ambitious with goals, this is the perfect question to ask. Plus it's a great way of making your date talk about their accomplishments without them feeling like they're bragging.