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Five steps to relieve digital eye strain

By Princess Debrah Avenyoh
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The Eye is as important as the brain which helps with direct or indirect communication.

It gets strained because it does more workload for human beings, and therefore eyestrain is common, especially in this digital age.

Eyestrain can be controlled in many ways.

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How does digital Eye strain occur?

Digital eyestrain is a computer digital syndrome that occurs as a result of a long stare on the computer or other electronic device, on average humans blinking rate increase when they are less focused but prolonged stare on electronic devices decrease blink rate resulting to tear evaporating causing drying of the eye. It can cause blurry vision, headaches, itching of the eyes, and others.

Ways to calm Eyestrain?

1. Increase blinking of eyes - when using an electronic device for a long period pay attention to blinking the eyes frequently to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes, it may sustain the eyes for a while as you get the work done.

2. Adjust the device brightness - Electronic devices have been developed in a way one can control, hence putting the device on dark mode, and decreasing device brightness as it aids in supporting the eye cells.

3. Wear medicated glasses - For individuals who have eye problems must be careful with digital devices as using them for a period can damage the eye permanently, therefore wearing the eyeglasses and the use medicated eye drops will be useful to sustain the eyes.

4. Space out with electronic device - Set a timer when using a digital device, a break from the device relaxes the eyes, reducing much light from entering the eyes, and also sit far from the digital device.

5. Wash your eyes with cold water - Wash the eyes with cold water on the screen breaker as it reduces dryness and irritation of the eyes by calming it, rinsing cold water on the eyes will process the brain for relaxation to work more helping the eyes to soothe.

Digital eyestrain is crucial to ignore, protect your eyes and stay safe.