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5 health benefits of drinking coconut water

By Princess Debrah Avenyoh
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Coconut water is nature's gift to humans, with its low sugar content and refreshing properties, as well as other little-known benefits.

Why one must drink coconut water?

Coconut contains several nutrients and minerals that are naturally sweet and hydrating, that one cannot get enough of, and it is made of 94% and very little fat. Many people who live in sunny countries need more water than necessary to stay hydrated, therefore coconut water is a good source of hydrating.

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When to drink coconut water?

Coconut water is a form of juice low in sugar and calories, drinking coconut early in the morning helps to enhance one’s immune system, aids in metabolism, and promotes weight loss. Drink coconut water to free constipation and hydrate with coconut water before and after exercise as it helps with exhaustion. Sip little coconut water before going to bed it calms your body.

5 reasons to drink Coconut water?

1. Promote healthy skin- Coconut is good for all skin types especially individuals with dry skin, as it keeps the skin moist and prevents drying of the skin to produce skin complications, such as body itching.

2. Reduce the risk of getting heart disease- One advantage of taking coconut water, it is believed to contain low cholesterol and maintain a healthy heat beat, hence reducing heart disease.

3. Manage blood sugar level- it has low sugar content and is a good source of magnesium, manages blood level, especially among diabetic patients.

4. Good source of hydration- Coconut serves as water to regulate body temperature, and to take the waste products from the body in a form of urine content.

5. Good for a hangover- Gulp a glass of coconut water during a hangover as it contains high potassium, therefore it prevents stomach upset and relieves hangover.