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Four simple ways to drive your man ''crazy''

By Wendy Amarteifio
Four simple ways to drive your man ''crazy''
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Men in relationships do not only want to love but also to be happy and comfortable. Each man also wants to feel loved and special.

These tips will help you work out on that;

1. Good cooking skills

As the cliché says, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you want to keep him and drive him wild, employ amazing cooking styles. He will not wait to enjoy your meals forever. He will be able to know that your cooking is reserved for him alone and he will take it as so special.

2. Be in skimpy clothing while together 

You will completely make your man go wild on seeing you in skimpy clothes. His heart will be pounding and he will not have an excuse to leave you alone in the house. He will spend much time with you.

3. Maintain eye contact with him

Men who are visual beings relate to strong eye contact. Look him in the eye as you speak to him, it shows confidence which is so sexy to men. Give him a sweet and innocent smile and he will forget about going to chat with his boys.

4. Be confident in what you do

A confident woman makes men in toes to do much better, he will always be happy since he knows that you will never let him fall. His insecurities will be resolved and this will just make him crazy for you.

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