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Fur nails have arrived

Fur nails
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We spend so much time trying to be hairless, and now they come up with this...

The latest trend popped up on Libertine’s New York Fashion week show, and worryingly - it looks set to take off.


The creator of the design, Jan Arnold (co-founder of Creative Nail Design), used brown and white polish with a high-gloss top coat to texturise the model's talons before adding faux fur coats.

The trend has caused quite a stir on Instagram and as more people test out the look - it's turning into a hairy situation!

Kelly Ripa is the latest star to try out the trend. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kelly showed off her new nail style and although she appeared o like them, there was one problem with the furry nails: She needed a “wiper” to handle bathroom business.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn't so sure about the werewolf look and guessed that the next fashion trend would be “gluing gerbils to our fingers.”

Who knows what the next nail trend will be, one thing is for sure though — using the bathroom will be a consideration!