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Here are 3 types of jokes your partner may never find funny

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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It is important to realise that partners are meant to laugh more with each other, not at each other.

Many great relationships thrive on laughter, jokes, healthy ribbing, and the happy moments created by being able to create and take a joke.

While the above is 100% true, there is still need to define the kind of laughter that is right and acceptable. When we say relationships thrive on laughter, we refer to shared laughter and not the derisory type.

For the laughter and humour in your relationship to be considered suitable, it has to be shared. It has to be the type of humour that you both appreciate.

When your partner feels some type of way about a particular issue or matter, building your humour on those things, [and finding them funny alone] does not reflect on you as a good partner.

Here are the types of humour you may need to totally avoid for the good of your relationship.

1. Abusive humour

Have you ever poked fun at something and your partner didn't find it funny? That, right there is your cue to stop joking about it. Maybe its their weight, job, looks or anything else they are sensitive about and have clearly shown how they feel about those things, then you should be kind enough to tone it down especialy in that regard.

2. Cocky humour

If your humour is usually used in a way that exalts you and belittles your partner, you are doing it wrong.

You're preparing for a date and your partner asks “how do I look?” and your response goes, “you’re with me, you definitely look good!”

While this could draw laughter from them at first, if you keep repeating this kind of cocky humour, it won't be long before they start rolling their eyes in annoyance. [For more on cocky humour, google the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic.]

3. Humour that picks on your partner

When you join other people in extensively teasing your partner, it may feel like fun to you, but it may make your partner feel weak, lonely and miserable.

If you must join friends in poking fun at your partner, make it light and be the first to note when he or she no longer finds it funny.

That way, you can catch fun and still have their back at the same time.

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