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How to rekindle your dying romance

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As any couple will tell you, relationships have their highs, but they also have their lows. If you and your partner are to stay together for the long term, you both have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth.

A relationship is not like a box of chocolates, where every moment is magical. Instead, you’re given the tools and have to build the box yourself. And if you do, you get to enjoy all the rewards.

A healthy relationship is built on teamwork, which means that you both need to be pulling in the same direction. But after a few months or maybe even years of being together, it sometimes happens that one of us or even both are no longer pulling with the same vigour. Things start to go a bit flat, the excitement dulls, and the romance fizzes out.

The relationship becomes routine, and our needs are forgotten. Instead of surprise flowers after work, we’re greeted with terse remarks because we’ve both had bad days.

When this happens, the best thing to do is to realise what is happening. And once you’ve acknowledged that your relationship has plateaued and doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere, you need to find a way of injecting it with new life.

Here are 10 ways to rekindle romance.

Remember What It Is You Love About Them


What was it that made you fall in love with your partner?

Sometimes, this is forgotten about when the romance in our relationship has been replaced by arguments and bad moods. All we can see are our partners bad qualities, and we forget just what it was that brought us under their spell in the first place.

Remind yourself of what it was that caused you to fall in love with your partner in the first place and smile. Spend sometime thinking about their most endearing qualities.

Tell People About How Great Your Partner Is

Think back to when you first started dating your partner. It was exciting – he was exciting.

It was all so thrilling that you kept telling your friends and family all about him.

“I had SUCH a great time last night. I can’t tell you how awesome he is.”

Do you still talk to people about him with the same fervour? If not, why not? What has changed?

Probably nothing at all. So start gushing about him to people all over again!


Surprise Him

When was the last time you got him a surprise? If it’s been a while, now is the time to catch him out with something he wasn’t expecting.

Surprises break up our mundane daily routines, and they’re a great way of keeping the romance going in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be an expensive surprise, but it should be meaningful.

Express Your Gratitude

Are you really thankful that he’s in your life? Then tell him. Let him know how much he means to you.

You can tell him in person, or you could write him a love letter.

If you’re really creative, you could even make a video.

Dress To Impress

You get home from work on a Friday night, throw on your slacks and and pig out in front of the TV. Your partner does the same. Neither of you look great, but you don’t care. You’re too tired dress up, and he doesn’t care what you look like anyway. Heck, he’s seen you go three days without showering!

Is it okay to get this comfortable in a relationship? Yes and No.

Yes because you should be able to feel comfortable around your partner.

And No because once you stop making an effort, the romance in your relationship dies out. You’re just “too tired” to be romantic.

Make your evenings special by dressing special. Don’t slack. Wear clothes that you would only wear for him.

Hug Him

Don’t turn your back on him in bed because you really need to get some sleep tonight. Face him and hug him.

Hugging communicates our feelings to the other person, and it creates an emotional attachment that we really need when our relationship has been lacking in romance.


If you flirted with your partner when you first started dating him but don’t flirt with him anymore, why not? Is it because you know him so well that it would be kinda weird to flirt? Is it because it would be odd to flirt right after an hour-long discussion about your bills?

Just because you two have discussed everything from kids to water bills, it doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt anymore.

Flirting is the easiest and most fun way to put the romance back into your relationship. Have an evening off from discussing your tax returns and just tease the heck out of each other.

Learn New Things About Your Partner

You’ve been going out with your partner for quite a while by now, so you probably think you know him quite well, right?

But is there really nothing at all to learn about him? I doubt it.

Even if you’ve been with someone for years, there are still new things to learn about them. We’re all gifts, and each day there we should have a new one to unwrap.

Forget all this baloney that you already know your partner inside out, and ask them new questions that get them to reveal stuff you never know. Be like you were on a first date and find out new things. It’s exciting.

Take Walks Together

Taking an evening walk with our partner is an incredibly romantic thing to do, but how many of us actually do it?

I reckon most couples return home after work and either hit the gym, watch TV, or play on their devices.

Walking is a good form of exercise, and it also lets you and your man bond. Take a stroll as the sun is setting, hold hands, smile, make each other laugh. Breathe in that fresh air together. It’s invigorating.

Re-Live Some Old Memories

Yes, we all want to create new memories with our partner. But there’s also nothing wrong with looking back fondly on old ones.

If you feel as though the romance has left your relationship recently, reliving good memories is the perfect way to rekindle your love for one another.

Stay happy!