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If your guy lacks these 5 attributes, he can’t be a good husband

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Here are five qualities you should look for in your future husband. If he doesn’t have them, he’s not husband material.

He’s responsible

You can love a man who behaves irresponsibly, but do you really want that man to be your husband? Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility, and when you choose a spouse, you are asking that person to exhibit their ability to be responsible in countless ways. If you love a man who seems consistently immature and irresponsible, he’s not husband material until he’s able to change.

He cares about your dreams

Even if he doesn’t share your personal dreams, he should still care about those dreams and offer his support. Your dreams are a part of you, and they matter. Anyone you consider spending the rest of your life with should care about those dreams simply because he cares about you.

He accepts you as you are

People have the power to change, but only if that is what they want to do. Don’t marry anyone who is hoping to change who you are. Your man doesn’t have to think you are perfect, but he also shouldn’t be looking to change who you are. If he doesn’t love you enough to spend his life with you just as you are, then he’s not husband material.

He’s a man of integrity

If you are with a man who says one thing and does another, don’t walk down that aisle. Marriage is a major commitment, and the man you decide to marry should be a man of integrity. As his wife, you need to have confidence in what he says and does. Without that, you will lose respect for him and the marriage will suffer.

He respects you

Marriage and disrespect are like oil and vinegar—they just don’t mix. Respect is at the core of any lasting relationship. When you choose to say “I do” to a man who doesn’t respect you, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of pain. Even if you love him, don’t marry a man who doesn’t respect you. You deserve respect, and it should never be negotiable.