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Money and Relationship: 5 tips to solve money issues

By Bernice Ansah
Money and Relationship: 5 tips to solve money issues
Money and Relationship: 5 tips to solve money issues
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It is no secret that many couples struggle with money issues in their relationship.

No matter how long you have been together, financial issues can wreak havoc on a committed relationship. When couples don't agree about spending and saving habits, it causes arguments and resentment. But instead of letting money tear your relationship apart, you can actually use it to heal the relationship if you’re willing to follow some solid principles.

1. Honesty
Be honest about your current financial situation. If things have gone south, continuing the same lifestyle is unrealistic. Don't hide income or debt.

2. Know your money temperament
Acknowledge that one partner may be a saver and one a spender, understand there are benefits to both, and agree to learn from each other's tendencies.

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3. Have goals
Decide upon short-term and long-term goals in spending money. It's OK to have individual goals, but you should have family or couple goals that favour both parties.

4. Don't be overly circumspect
Too much of everything they say is bad. Have guidelines on the use of money but do not be too eager to know how much money your partner spends on everything. Allow each person to have independence by setting aside money to be spent at their discretion.

5. Have creative ways to approach your partner on money issues.
Don't approach the subject in the heat of battle. Instead, set aside a time that is convenient and non-threatening for both of you. Avoid playing the blame game in settling conversations centred on money.