7 simple & effective ways to deal with a nagging partner

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Nagging is a common attitude or behaviour with women but some men nag too and coping with such men can be a very tedious act that requires wisdom.

According to the dictionary definition, nagging is constantly harassing someone to do something or act on a piece of advice, it could also mean pestering repeatedly.

When you are married to a nagging husband/woman, there are certain things you need to do so as not to lose your patience with him as a wife.

1. Be quiet: a nagging husband/wife should be given silence mostly as a response when he starts pestering, this helps to show that you are more matured as a woman/man.

2. Never talk back at him/her: a nagging husband/woman will always want you to respond when he starts complaining but the best thing to do is to refuse to respond to his incessant disturbance.

3. Never Shout at him/her: don’t shout at your husband/wife that nags, this is because he will always like to show that he is right and shouting at him can aggravate and lead to a fight that you may not be able to handle.

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4. Be attentive when he/she is talking: those that nag loves to get attention and you can win your loving husband/wife over by showing him you pay attention to everything he is saying or complaining about.

5. Try to avoid doing things that will make him/her complain: as a wife/husband, you should know your husband/wife and what he/she loves and does not love. Please to avoid nagging, avoid doing anything that will upset him/her.

6. Discuss his/her wrong attitude when his/her mood seems right: the best thing for your home to experience peace, is to put a total end to nagging and this you can start working towards by discussing with your husband/wife that you will prefer he does not nag anymore but you should do so when he/she is in a good mood.

7. Don’t join in nagging: when you have stayed with a nagging husband/wife over a time, it is possible that you may be tending towards behaving the same way. So, be cautious enough not to become a nagging wife because of your husband’s attitude.

Sustaining a marriage needs to be done consciously with the right management of both strengths and weaknesses. You must try to work on the weaknesses of your spouse so that your marriage will become peaceful and beautiful.

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Source: dailyfamily