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National Blood Service takes blood donation campaign to Kwahu

By Jennifer Kim Essel
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Giant Publicity Media Consult, a Health advocacy and Communication outfit in Accra and Big’Dor Travel and Tours Limited, in collaboration with the National Blood Service have projected to mobilize over 1,500 units of blood at Kwahu during this year’s Easter celebrations.

The blood donation drive, which will be supervised by the medical team from the National Blood Service is under the
theme: “Give Blood To Save A Life”.

The objective of the campaign is to sensitize communities in the Kwahu Ridge municipality on the relevance and health benefits of voluntary blood donation.

The campaign is also to encourage people in the area to donate blood on that occasion to improve blood stock level at the national blood bank.

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Officials of Giant Publicity Media Consult say the decision to focus on health education and blood donation in particular on the Kwahu Ridge is to support the National Blood Service achieve its target of 100% voluntary blood supply and to ensure the majority of people are better informed about blood donation as a civic responsibility.

An Executive of Giant Publicity Media Consult, Doris Dansowaa Dankwah Puplampu, told Journalists in Accra that “The issue of Voluntary Blood donation and availability of blood for patients during emergencies is becoming a challenge to health care delivery in Ghana especially during childbirth, and that, the only way out is to intensify public education on the need to regularly donate blood on a voluntary basis”.

She said Kwahu Easter brings a lot of people together, such as friends, families, organised groups including tourists from different parts of the world, therefore it becomes a major platform for blood donor education if not for mass mobilisation.

She indicated that already, a number of institutions such as schools, churches and organised groups have confirmed their participation and called on others to come on board.

The blood donation exercise will take place in three Towns in Kwahu namely, Obomeng, Tafo and Bepong from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 April 2019.

On preparation so far, Madam Dansowaa Puplampu said the medical team from the National Blood Service, Korle-Bu in Accra, will join their counterpart from Atibie Government Hospital in Kwahu to augment the staff strength to ensure many people get the opportunity to donate blood.

According to Madam Dansowaa Danquah Puplampu, the team will also make a donation of assorted items to “Bless the Children Orphanage” at Nkwatia on Easter Monday to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged.

She, therefore, appealed to companies, individuals, organisations and the general public to support the initiative in diverse ways, for the success of the event.

The Kwahu Easter blood drive is being powered by Giant Publicity Media Consult, Big’Dor Travel and Tours Limited and the National Blood Service, Ghana.



Credit: JoyOnline