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Obaapa Christy urges women to initiate sex

By Bernice Ansah
Obaapa Christy encourages women to initiate sex
Obaapa Christy encourages women to initiate sex
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Gospel musician Obaapa Christy is urging women to initiate sex in their marital homes.

According to her, women must discard the notion that men should be the ones to initiate sex but rather cultivate the habit of taking the lead when they are in the mood for sex.

Obaapa Christy also entreated women to step up their game in their sex lives to make their homes more pleasurable and fun.

There are some women that when they are in the mood for sex, they don't know how to relay the information. Try to play with your husband, ladies, she said.

Losen up a bit, don't be too serious and don't take everything to heart. Make your home full of joy and laughter, she added.

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The "W'asue me" hitmaker added that one top secret to a happy home is when both partners have an active and fulfilled sex life.

When each partner is happy, it opens a lot of doors. This is a top-secret I am telling you. I am a clear example, look at how happy...Everything is going on well, she said in an interview on Okay FM.