PHOTOS: Rejuvenated Bissa Fitness Club receives massive turn out on maiden event

By Mutala Yakubu
Rejuvenated Bissa Fitness Club receives massive turn out on maiden event
Rejuvenated Bissa Fitness Club receives massive turn out on maiden event

A sumptuous response greeted the Accra sports stadium when members of the Bissa keep fit club Ghana organised their first aerobics on Sunday.

About three hundred members of the Bissa ethnic group attended the biweekly aerobic exercise, giving it the biggest turnout since it's inception.

It was the group's maiden workout in 2019, after going through a reformation.

The early morning workout came with a colourful display of unity and contentment as members expressed satisfaction about the orderly organization of events.

The President of the club, Hussein Hassan Yorda, explained to members the need to make the rejuvenated group a significantly successful one.

He told members, “There was the need to go into a reformation of the club and looking at the turnout here, there is every indication every one of us wanted a new way of doing things with regards to the fitness club.”

“The decision to chart a new path has been overwhelming and I am happy to inform everyone that we have been able to duly register this group with the registrar general. In line with our Motto Zekula N’panga(In unity lies strength) I will like to appeal to each and every member to play their part in ensuring that we are able to bond all Bissa across the country and beyond through fitness.” He adds.

The exercise was held at the Accra Sports stadium car park under the tutelage of professional instructors from the Ghana Ambulance services.

Participants got enthralled in the various shake-up activities amid rhythmic African sounds, culminating in general excitement of the physical exercises.

Keeping in line with the old English proverb, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, the Bissa Fitness Club Ghana is formed with the aim of keeping its members who have largely contributed to the socio-economic development of the country fit, as well as fostering unity and corporation amongst members.

The group’s next Aerobics session is scheduled for the 10th of February at the Accra Sports stadium.