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Recipe Wednesday: Gobe (Beans and Gari)

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
Recipe Wednesday: Gobe (Beans and Gari)
Recipe Wednesday: Gobe (Beans and Gari)
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Gobe well known as 'yor ke gari' or 'red red' is a simple and popular meal made from beans and gari.

It is mostly eaten for lunch for proper digestion. It is an affordable meal and also makes you full. Though it is commonly sold at food joints and restaurants, it can also be easily made and enjoyed at home.

Today, we bring you a delicious ‘yor ke gari’ recipe that you can try at home in your free time.

Ingredients needed are:

½ cup of black-eyed beans

Palm oil

1 onion

1 teaspoon of powdered pepper

Salt to taste

Maggi spice

Two tomatoes

½ clove of garlic

Small momone

¼ cup of gari

3 ripe plantain (recommended)

Gari and beans can be served with ripe plantain, fried or boiled yam, pear, boiled egg, or fried fish.

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 Steps to prepare Gari and Beans

Soak beans in water for about an hour or till it becomes soft.

Drain the water, add fresh water and bring to boil till it becomes soft. If the water around it finishes and it’s still not soft, add more and stir. Leave on fire till it softens.

 Remove from fire when it’s ready and set aside.

 Chop your onions and tomatoes. Add garlic and a little bit of Maggi and blend together with just a little water, enough to blend.

 Wash your momone and set aside.

 Put another saucepan on the fire.

 Pour some palm oil into it.

 Add in your momone. Let it fry a bit in the palm oil.

 Add your blended tomatoes, onion, garlic, and Maggi into the palm oil.

Let it cook on fire for a while and stir where necessary.

 Add a little salt and pepper and stir.

 Finally add your cooked beans to it, as much as you want, and stir.

 Leave it to simmer for a while and remove it from the fire.

 Dish some into a bowl and add some gari to it (the quantity you prefer) and mix.

It is now ready to serve.