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The 5 things men secretly pay attention to about women

By Louisa Sowah
The 5 things men secretly pay attention to about women
The 5 things men secretly pay attention to about women
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There’s a belief that men do not pay attention to small details and only see things that are on the surface.

The fact is, they sometimes even notice the things that women don’t even think about.

And of course, you need to know about these things so that you can use them to your advantage.

Here is a list of the things men secretly notice about women:

  1. Facial Expression

Men can read emotions. Everyone has this skill to be able tell friends from enemies. Men do not only notice signals like tears or smile but they see insincerity reflected 8n cold eyes and slight disappointment in the lips when compressed together.

The ability to read faces gives them the opportunity to understand what women want before they know it. This wordless communication can excite men because it helps them feel special.

  1. Whether you are being real

Men easily notice if you are putting on a make-believe appearance. Men presume that their right woman will never try to look like someone else. Hair extensions, makeup, nails and your dress can speak volumes about whether you are pretending to be something you are not or being real.

Sometimes when men take you out, the food you order and the tone in your voice as you order the food may signal your ‘realness’ to them. The way to go about this is just to be yourself.

  1. Colours and outfit

Colours affect our mood, emotions, and appetite differently. Men pay attention to the outfit of women not minding the brands, the newest collection or the price of whatever they put on.

But they always pay attention to the sense of elegance style and sexuality your dress and colour portray. 

  1. Smile

“She has an unforgettable smile,” most men say when asked about their memorable thing about their first meeting with their girlfriends.

That one small attribute on everyone’s face captures the heart, makes new friends and can render the right partner to a paddle goop when used correctly.

  1. Eating habits

Guys like a lady with a healthy appetite. So, while it might be a big deal if you are not a foodie, the fact is guys secretly notice and admire you if you make the lunch or dinner date worthwhile.

Men love to see you eat heartily and you sometimes catch them staring at you as you are gorging down your favourite food. When you feel embarrassed with his glances, learn to love it because it is likely he is enjoying how you are devouring the food.