These factors explain why you get hungry after eating

3 Reasons why you’re ALWAYS Hungry explained: It’s been 45 minutes since you’ve eaten your last meal and your feeling peckish already? Maybe you think you can cure it by going for seconds, or it’s just ‘hanger.’ In fact you’re probably so used to being hungry after eating a full meal that it’s become normal to snack right away!

Every wonder why this happens? Xposé.ie have the three possible answers below!

Fast Metabolism

You’ve been blessed with a fast metabolism, or you’ve worked extremely hard to put on muscle and built a fast metabolism. The faster your metabolism the more fuel (food) you’ll need to take in. In a recent study done by the University of Vermont, about 32% of people have metabolisms that are 8% higher or lower than the population average. The great news is that having a fast metabolism is normal and you can used it to your advantage at a young age.

Refined Foods

Processed foods trick your body into thinking it hasn’t eaten or will leave you feeling hungrier than you were before you indulged yourself in some ‘nice tasting’ food! Foods like white bread, cookies, healthy grain bars and even some salad dressings will cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity shows that high-sugar foods interfere with mood regulating chemicals in the brain which trick you into overeating. To cure this reduce the amount of processed foods that you eat, especially sugar!

Hunger isn’t Appetite

This might be hard to hear but many people who are “always hungry” actually just always want to eat. Hunger is a primal biological drive associated with physical symptoms, such as headache, shakiness and intestinal contractions that lead to that hungry noise coming from your stomach.  Many people mistake their body digesting food with the actual need to consume food. Give your body time to digest it's food, you might be mistaking being hungry for being thirsty.