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Ways to let him know that he’s sexually desired

By Vincent Ashitey
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There is a huge myth believed by many that men are always in the mood to do it whereas women need to be coaxed into it.

No this a pressure built on men by a wrong belief and they do fake being in the mood at times because they are simply programmed to lie that way.

Just like women should be told that they are sexually desired especially in a marriage, men too should be! Here are 5 important ways to tell your man that he is sexually desired and no you are not presuming anything.

  • Touch without nonsexual feelings

During sex, sexual touch is crucial of course but otherwise non sexual desire is also important. A simple head massage offer also makes men feel that they are desirable. You have to work on their insecurity and this is the first step.

  • Please flirt

Flirting is underrated especially post marriage or in a live in relationship after a few months or years. Remember flirting in the beginning of your relationship? Why let it go now? If your man is into role play or simply into lacy or provocative lingerie, you must get innovative and wear them every once in a while to let him feel that he is still desirable just like you would want him to make you feel. It makes them feel special that you did something for them too.

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  • Ask what they like

Ask him what he wants you to do to him. Just like your pleasure is important, his is too.

  • Appreciation

You cannot forget the compliments and appreciations. Men thrive on small compliments even if they just cleaned the kitchen for you or did something for the home decor etc. You like receiving compliments right? It is both ways.

  • Ego stroking

No this is not against feminism at all! Feminism means equality. The way you want to be told somewhere deep in your heart (accept it or not) that you are beautiful and intelligent or smart, know what you want, etc and be told that you are “The Woman”? It is the same with men. All men are not predators. Give them small things which mean much to the like chores where they may need their might. A can to open, something to put together, small things. This takes care of their ego and makes them feel secure about their sexuality as well.

Source: timesofindia