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DR. CLEMENT APAAK WRITES: JM'S eligibility to Contest election 2020

By Kweku Antwi Jnr

Alert: JM'S Eligibility to Contest election 2020 is and can't be on doubt- Folks, my name is Dr. Clement Abasinaab Apaak.

A known supporter of John Dramani Mahama. I wish to tell the NPP and it's paid/funded hacks from Fumbisi to Accra and beyond that, JM is eligible to contest the 2020 election. They can't prevent this for the following reasons: Article 60(6) says, Whenever the President dies, resigns or is removed from office, the Vice-President shall assume office as President for the unexpired term of office of the President with effect from the date of the death, resignation or removal of the President . AND  60(7) says Where the unexpired term served by the Vice-President under clause (6) of this article exceeds half the term of a President, the Vice-President is subsequently only eligible to serve one full term as President. Then take a look at Article 66(2) , it says, A person shall not be elected to hold office as President of Ghana for more than two terms. Clearly from 60 (6&7) JM HAS NOT served two terms. See evidence below!

Now, here are the incontrovertible facts : Porf. Mills ruled from Jan 7th 2009 to July 24, 2012. So,  he ruled more than half of his four years.  JM took over from Mills on July 24th at 8pm 2012 to complete the remaining 5 months and 6 days of the reign of Prof Mills. Therefore, it is clear from Article 60 clause 6 and 7 as well as 66 clause 2 that JM is fully eligible to contest to be President of the Republic of Ghana in the  2020 elections. I remain a citizen!

Dr. Clement Apaak

MP, Builsa South

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