Akufo-Addo must resign or face possible impeachment

By Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo [PHOTO CREDIT: Aljazeera]

Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana (CDG-GH), the mouthpiece of the voiceless and the deprived in society, has over the years conducted research and made observations, which are often translated into press releases or press conferences.

Last month, in a Press Release, we called on President Akufo Addo to reshuffle his cabinet Ministers. Two weeks later, the President has seen the wisdom and the need to sack four of his CEO`s peddling corruption.

The sacked CEO`s are: CEO of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) - Gifty Klenam ; CEO of Korle Bu Hospital- Dr Anyaa; CEO of BOST - Alfred Obeng Boateng; and CEO of GIPC - Paul Asare Ansah. Mr. President, while we congratulate you for this gesture, the CDG-GH finds this action woefully inadequate; considering the massive corruption and mismanagement in your Government, which has provoked your trusted supporters to complain about hardship and inordinate corruption.


Mr President you may or may not know; that Ghanaians are bitterly complaining of hardship. Electricity bills are running high. The promised reductions apparently did not work. Water bills are increasing. Transport fares are rapidly increasing. The prices of spare parts are rocketing and so customers cannot buy. The cedi is rapidly falling and no one can arrest the dollar. Food prices are rising in spite of the so-called planting for food. The market women are praying on daily basis for a change, because food prices are high. About 35 – 40 million Ghanaians have no jobs; including doctors, nurses, teachers, unemployed graduates, engineers, technicians, masons, carpenters, contractors among others. In spite of your promises to fix the problems, you have aggravated the situation.


Mr President, it is now no secret that abject corruption, has swallowed your monarchical government made up mostly of members of your clan, relatives and friends. You are reported to have cleared corrupt appointees from any wrongdoing and prejudiced investigations into corruption by state institutions using your prefect understanding of Ghanaian law.

On daily basis Mr President, Ghanaians are confronted by cases of corruption by your Government. The $2.5 million digital addressing System; the $89/179 million Kelni GVG and Ministry of Communication scandal; the NHIA $3.307million scandal; the $100 million “cash for seat” which ended with two reports, one from Minority and another from Majority in Parliament; the BOST scandal; the $132,000 illegal rent payment and $19,500 Harvard training by the CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

Allegation by Mr. Kennedy Agyapong on extortion of $20,000 from visitors going to the President. The $90,000 rent allowances received by majority MP`s in Parliament who live in Government bungalows. All these are explosive garbage in the grinding machine of your Government.


Mr President, there are also a number of financial losses due to your indecisions. The decision not to allow the UGMC to operate has led to the revenue loss of millions of cedis. Revenue loss from the Kommenda Sugar factory is huge; Revenue loss due to contaminated pre-mix fuel; Inflated budgetary allocation to the Presidency; and the Australian visa scandal are all issues of financial loss.


Above all, the Anas expose is “the last straw that broke the camel`s back”. The alleged funding by Kwesi Nyantakyi of your 2016 campaign. His articulation and knowledge of your family`s financial history and problems. His request for $5 million from the investors for you; possibly as bribe to influence you; are all flaws on the image of the Presidency. In Britain, USA or any developed country, you would have swiftly been forced to resign. Do resign honorably, before Ghanaians take legal steps to dissolve the Presidency.


The Caucus for Democratic Governance – Ghana (CDG-GH) calls on you Mr President to resign to avoid impeachment. In a Democratic Governance System, there is little or no other choice.