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Police Brutalities: Enough of 'the Police will investigate', culprits must be punished

By Akosua Boatemaa Gyimah

It is said that the Police is a friend to the ordinary citizen of every country with a core mandate to maintain law and order as well as protecting people and properties.

That is witnessed in many developed and developing countries. Sad enough our police service for the past years has shown gross contrast to the above attributes positioning themselves in a manner perilous to even engage their services.

Police brutality is becoming so rampant in recent times and the best thing we are mostly told after some of these callous incidents is "the Police will investigate and bring the culprits to book" a popular line one can easily read from most of the press briefings.

The attention of Building Dreams Foundation a non governmental organization is drawn to a video circulating on the social media which shows an armed policeman brutally beating and manhandling a lactating mother with her child in a financial establishment believed to be "MIDLAND SAVINGS & LOANS LTD located in Shiashi East Legon inside the ZION HOUSE in the capital.

We careless to know what exactly the woman did but regardless of the woman's action nothing warrants an armed officer to treat a woman who is not spotted with any weapon but with a baby in that wicked manner.

What training do we give our police personnel in handling situations such as this?

If this police officer whose name is given as Frederick Amanor couldn't handle this woman one can only imagine how 20 or 30 police personnel like his kind would manage an angry mob

The Building Dreams Foundation is grieved and baffled by the unprofessional action of this police officer and want use this medium as a conduit to call on the Ministry Of Gender and Social Protection to solicit for action against this wicked police officer through the Inspector General of Police.

If it is not right for indigenes to attack our police personnel it is equally unjust and more wrong for any police officer to take advantage of his uniform to treat the ordinary citizen like this.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Credit: Akosua Boatemaa Gyimah 

             PRO for Building Dreams Foundation