Angry NPP group 'Burma Camp' lock up School feeding office

By Maame Aba Afful
Burma camp group shut down office

The Burma Camp, a pro-NPP group in Tamale has shut down the office of the School Feeding programme Monday.

The grouping is accusing Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Otiko Afisa Djaba of disrespecting the authority of the programme’s regional coordinator, Madam Felicia.

They also claim the minister has taken up the responsibility of the regional coordinator and appointed only Gonjas as Zonal Coordinators of the programme.

According to them, out of the seven zonal coordinators in the region, the minister has appointed five people who are Gonjas and are at the same time caterers. In their view, all those holding the double positions are uneducated and cannot construct simple grammar which is in shape contrast with the terms laid down for the appointment of a zonal coordinator.

They bemoaned the power play between the regional minister on one hand, and the regional chairman and the regional coordinator on the other, saying the intent of the minister was to collapse the programme in the region which they vow to resist.

“All tribes in the Northern region need an appointment in the Nana Addo government. Otiko Djaba has been sabotaging the regional coordinator and now she wants to get people to cover Felicia so that they can do whatever they want to do and we the youth in Tamale are sending signals to the National level that there is no way we will sit down and allow it to happen. So we are going to monitor this office until the right thing is done,” a spokesperson for the group said.

Anger over the local leadership of the program has been heating up in the region and intensified after the regional chairman, Bugri Naabu led a women group to disrupt activities of the Gender minister accusing her of disrespecting his authority by coming into the region without notifying him.

The group after a conference earlier today marched to the Regional Coordinating Council where the office is located, and in the full glare of security guards launched a violent attack on workers of the programme before forcing them out of the office.

No arrest has yet been made.

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