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Corruption amongst some politicians is a reflection of our society – Sam George

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Sam George
Sam George

The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam Nartey George says corruption amongst some politicians in the country depicts what the typical Ghanaian society is.

Citing instances where some Ghanaian workers continue to demand money and show utter disregard for laid down procedures, he said such practices are what generate into higher forms of bribery and corruption at the highest level which political actors have become known for.

He believes that corruption is fundamentally deep-rooted in our setting.

“We have a beautiful system in the country just that politics is too much. Things that we are to move quickly with, we have to play politics with them. So for instance, if I get to a car park and there is a security man who allows me to park at an authorized place before he asks me to move, I won’t because it’s a dereliction of duty. It happens everywhere, you go to the hospital and the nurses sit there, you need to bribe someone before you get your file or there is someone in an office who wants you to give him money before he gets the work done”, he said on Traffic Avenue on Tuesday.

“Imagine that person becomes a DCE or a Minister, then he gets a contract, he will have the formula to have his [share]. So you realize we just graduate the culture of corruption. Even when you send kids and there is a change, they ask if you will take it – that’s the culture. So I keep saying that, don’t blame politicians, we are a reflection of the society itself.”