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Exclusion of Voter ID as requirement in compiling new register won't lead to suppression of votes - EC tells NDC

By Mutala Yakubu
EC boss Jean Mensa
EC boss Jean Mensa

The Electoral Commission has responded to the opposition National Democratic Congress' (NDC) claims that they are planning to rig election 2020.

The NDC in a press conference on May 14, 2020, accused the EC of conspiring with the National Identification Authority (NIA) to rig the election in favour of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The EC in a press release said the NDC has alleged that they intentionally excluded the use of the current Voter ID card in the imminent compilation of the new Voters' Register just to discourage many from taking part in the exercise.

The NDC said many Ghanaians do not have the Ghana card or passport which will be the two main requirements for new register but the EC excluded the use of the Voter ID which majority of electorate hold currently.

Portions of their statement said: "It is impossible for the Commission to conspire with any political party or institution as being speculated by Mr Ofosu Ampofo and the NDC since the electoral processes remain transparent at all level. As an independent body, the EC is mandated to conduct free, fair and transparent elections within the confines of the law and will continue to perform its functions such without fear or favour".

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On the issue of the voters' register, the EC said one without the Ghana Card or passport can still register by getting a guarantor and does not require Commissioners of Oath to do so.

"The EC found it imperative to amend CI91 which is currently in Parliament for applicants to resort to the use of the Ghanaian Passport and the Ghana Card to aid in the elimination of unqualified names in the register. Further, an applicant who does not have the Ghana Card or the passport may resort to obtaining two (2) guarantors to facilitate their registration and therefore the exclusion of the Voter ID card as requirement will not lead to suppression of votes. Moreover, the new CI, if passed by parliament, will afford guarantors the opportunity to guarantee for upwards of ten (10) applicants instead of five (5) as stipulated in the current CI. This makes it possible for applicants without Ghana card and passport to also register. It is worthy to note that the Commission does not require the services of Commissioners of Oath during registration of voters as alluded to by Mr Ofosu Ampofo. It must be put on record that the Ghana card has been a requirement in the current CI since 2012".

Below is the full statement