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Mahama’s (SoNA): 3 hours for ‘SoNA’ is “Theatrical”, even the Queen used 25 minutes - NPP’s Isaac Osei

Hon Isaac Osei & Hon Kofi Buah
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Hon Isaac Osei, Member of Parliament for Subin Constituency in the Ashanti Region has bemoaned the number of hours the President spent in delivering his "theatrical" State of the Nation’s Address (SoNA).


According to him, “the last time I was in the UK, the Queen’s speech lasted 25 minutes; what do we have here that we are talking so much.”

President John Mahama on Thursday addressed Parliament in his last SoNA in his First Term. He touched on a number of issues including education, health, finance, sports, energy and the upcoming November polls.

Speaking to MetroTV moments after the president's address, Hon Isaac Osei, who is also the Ranking Member on Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said he could not identify the ‘"running theme in the President’s message".

“Three hours plus; a lot of theatre. At the end of the day, I don’t know one running theme in it…if you ask me what was the running theme in the President’s message, I don’t think I can tell you. It was theatre; a lot of theater; three hours State of the Nation’s Address?" he asked in a voice filled with disbelief.

Mahama Was Modest

However, Hon Kofi Buah, Minister of Energy and Member of Parliament for Ellembelle constituency in the Western Region had a vastly contrary view.

To him, the level of development and improvement occurring in the lives of Ghanaians cannot be considered as theatrical.

“Even though he (Prez Mahama) should have hit his chest with what he has done, he was so modest…tell those communities that have 35,000 kilometres of good road that it is theatre…what the NPP is running away from is that when we were working hard; led by His Excellency President Mahama; so determined, working, focused addressing the energy sector, road, health, educational infrastructure, all they did was making noise…now they are running for cover,” he fired back.