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Braimah Kamoko cited in assault claim yet again

Bukom Banku
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He may be inactive in the boxing ring – but certainly not sluggish in assaulting women even though he has promised to stop the uncultured behaviour of attacking women physically.


Popular boxer, Braimah Kamoko, alias Bukom Banku is yet to be arrested after allegedly beating up and injuring his 'lover', Charlotte Naa Densua Doodo and her friend, Eunice Naa Lamptey at Bukom in Accra.

She narrated that Braimah Kamoko has proposed to her but as her uncle she would not allow him to have any sexual contact with him.

"He is my Uncle and I have told him I can't do that with him . . . he has had sexual contact with almost all his nieces and children in the house but they are all afraid of him so no one can talk. He brought me ¢1.5m(Gh¢ 150.00), I told him no and sacked him, he came back with ¢2m (Gh¢ 200.00) and I still insisted no, he came back with ¢40m (Gh¢ 4,000.00) to beg me to at least go naked for him, but I still refused and look at what he has put me through with a bruised face," she narrated. 

The boxer who was denied sex by the 'lover' is also alleged to have vandalized properties and 'shit bombed' the residence of his 'lover'.

According to the victim, Bukom Banku claims he cannot be arrested so he will continue to assault her if she denies him sex again.

She recounts that the outspoken boxer bragged no one can report him to the police because he will pay his way through and the complainant will just be wasting his/her time.

“He said his father is Mahama (President John Dramani Mahama),” the heavily bruised face lady narrated her ordeal to UTVs Romeo Oduro on Wednesday.