The astute lawyer is the only female among five other men contesting for country's football top job and has disclosed that she has what it takes to beat off competition from her peers.

In response to a question posed that, she came from obscurity in terms of football and with just her academic background how is she going to run the Ghana Football Association she referenced that of Fatima Samoura who has climbed the ladder to become one of the most powerful female football personality.

 "The highest-ranking female football person is no other than Samoura (FIFA General Secretary), who did a good job for FIFA when they needed her assistance."

"She was nowhere but has added a lot to our football, I never thought she was a woman but a worker, and looking at her achievement recently getting the nod to make changes at CAF tells how she can lead and do it well".

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Amanda says she has the capacity to sell the GFA to the corporate world and revamp into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.