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GFA sends strong warning to clubs on deployment and conduct of stewards

By Vincent Ashitey
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The Ghana Football Association (GFA), and its Safety and Security Committee has sent send a strong warning and reminder to all clubs who have been permitted to deploy Club Stewards at their home matches to follow the laid down processes or face sanctions.

The GFA has released 11 pointers that clubs permitted to deploy Club Stewards at their home matches have to follow.

Below is the laid down processes clubs must ahead of games.

  1. That clubs must train their Stewards using the GFA Approved Manual and send the list of the trained Stewards and the training report to the GFA for approval.
  2. That the deployment of Club Stewards must be validated and discussed at the Pre-match Technical Meeting and approved by the Head of Police Operations on duty for the match.
  3. That only trained and approved stewards by the GFA can be deployed at any given time. Any club who deploys person(s) who haven’t been trained and approved by the GFA shall be punished accordingly.
  4. That, for all matches behind closed doors, only Five (5) stewards shall be deployed to assist in ensuring the social distancing protocols.
  5. That no stewards shall be allowed in the dressing room area, entrance of dressing room, inner perimeter area (that is Zones 1 and 2).
  6. That Match Commissioners must ensure and enforce this deployment and report the conduct of stewards accordingly to the GFA.
  7. That stewards are to be deployed to provide directional, entry and access control duties in the spectator areas of the stadium including order exit of supporters from the stadium after the match.
  8. That Stewards are to be reminded and oriented on their duties and core values during pre-match briefings.
  9. That fanatic and/or partisan behavior of Stewards is unacceptable at every point in time of the course of the organization of the match and that defaulting clubs shall be sanctioned.
  10. That the Special Observers shall take note of any incidents involving stewards and report accordingly to the GFA.
  11. That any club who’s Stewards violate any of the aforementioned instructions shall be punished accordingly and the said steward shall be banned permanently from such duties and from participating in football related activities.