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Ghanaian Youngster Manu Racially Abused in Germany, Club Fined 2000 Euros

By Michael Duah
Braydon Manu
Ghanaian Youngster Racially Abused in Germany, Club Fined 2000 Euros

Braydon Manu of Hallescher FCs in the German Bundesliga III was racially abused and the incident saw FC Carl Zeiss getting fined 2000 Euros.

FC Carl Zeiss fans chanted offensive language directed at the youngster when he played against them for Hallescher in August.

The guilty home fans watched Manu score in Carl Zeiss’ 3-0 defeat before chanting 'You black pig, screw your ass' on the German-born Ghanaian.

“Some fans down the corner screamed something against Braydon. I heard it. It was racist, against the colour of the skin. Among other things, Manu was bullied as ‘a black pig’ added HFC striker Mathias Fetsch.

Meanwhile, Manu has reacted calmly over the incident insisting, "The reaction of such fans is a sign that I made a very good game. In the end, I did not really care what they did, we got the three points and I was able to sleep very well,” said Manu.

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Zeiss made an effort to offer an apology for its fans’ appalling behaviour.

“It was a call for a single person, which would probably not have been prevented even with a higher number of folders."

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