I regret sleeping with my sister - Bukom Banku

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Braimah Kamoko a.k.a. Bukom Banku
Braimah Kamoko a.k.a. Bukom Banku

Boxer and comic Braimah Kamoko a.k.a. Bukom Banku made a startling revelation on Sunday night at the Bukom Square in Accra when he submitted he has been sexually involved with his sister.

Apparently Bukom has sought to mend his ways after claiming he is a new being or ‘born again’ and in his zest to renounce his old ways reportedly told the amazed crowd he regrets sleeping with his sister vowing not do the deed again adding the days of beating up people who mocked him are behind him.


Braimah Kamoko 36, who directed he be called ‘Bukom Flesh’ instead of his known Bukom  Banku after bleaching has been involved in spectacles aside boxing including abuse of a wife, demanding to have sexual intercourse with relations, beating up critics and generally being offensive.