Jerome Boateng reveals reason for visit to Ghana

By Haruna Mubarak
Jerome Boateng reveals reason for visit to Ghana
Jerome Boateng reveals reason for visit to Ghana

German professional football, Jerome Boateng has disclosed his reason behind the trip to Ghana to visit his roots.

The Bayern Munich center back admitted enduring a turbulent World Cup in Russia as the 2014 World champions were evicted from the group phase of the tournament coupled with the struggle of injuries.

The trip to Ghana is important and special to end 2018 which has been a "difficult" year according to the 30-year-old who posted his statement on Instagram.

“2018 comes to an end, and admitted, I’m happy about it. For me personally, it was a very difficult year, I will probably never well and certainly not like to remember it. Sporting, I have lagged far behind my own expectations," he posted on Instagram.

"The World Cup in Russia was one of the most disappointing experiences of my career. It took a long time for me to leave the university, meanwhile, I have processed it and learned from it."

"With Bayern Munich, we won the championship for the sixth time in a row, but unfortunately lost the cup final. The Champions League knocked me out twice, we lost as a team and I lost as a single as I hurt myself in the first leg."

"Privately, I had to struggle with some things and as much as one tries to separate private from the profession, it does not always work out as you imagine. I wish it would have been better sometimes," he continued.

"I’ve learned a lot, I’m feeling physically better in the last few weeks and I’m on my way back to the old top form.

"Criticism and doubts that have come up to me, I take as a motivation, because I’m still far from exhausted.

The goal has always been and still is very simple, since I am a professional athlete. We want to be there in all competitions until the very end and fight for the titles. We all know that it will be difficult.

"But winning titles has never been so easy, so let’s go ahead. My personal financial statements were very emotional and educational with my trip to Ghana.

"It touched me a lot to experience the warmth and hospitality of the people in Ghana and to get to know our roots better together with my family.

"This difficult year was at least a very special end. Thanks to everyone who supports me and believes in me. Happy new year!”

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