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Jerome Otchere writes: Ghana FA's farcical dissolution

By Vincent Ashitey
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“The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has dissolved the technical teams of all national teams with immediate effect. The decision affects both male and female national teams”.

The foregoing were the opening lines of the story on the GFA’s website, announcing the dissolution of the technical teams of our national teams.

The third and fourth paragraphs of the story thanked the coaches and members of the respective technical teams for their work.

In an interview on Angel FM’s Floodlights, I was asked about the dissolution and whether I was surprised at the development. I was clear in mind.

There is nothing extraordinary about the dissolution. One, how do you dissolve an entity that, in the first place, is non-existent? Some of our national teams have no coaches and essentially no functional technical teams.

How do we issue a statement to the effect that, we have dissolved the technical team of the Black Starlets or Black Satellites when these teams, presently, have no technical teams in practice?

I appreciate how the new GFA wants to do things. They have no choice than to chart a path different from what warranted their coming into office.

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Yet in doing that, dust should not be thrown into the eyes of the public since such illusions will be exposed and the repercussions could be undesirable for our football.

It is like how sections of the media reported that, Kwasi Appiah has been sacked as Black Stars coach. Then in the same story, we were told that, Kwasi Appiah’s contract with the GFA expired on December 31, 2019.

How then did he get sacked on January 2, 2020? The illogicality is not funny. It is so mischievous to carry such reports in the face of incontestable, barefaced facts.

It is public knowledge that, the current administration is not keen on renewing Kwasi Appiah’s contract. They could have simply put that out to save the public the illusory impression that, our national teams need restructuring; thus, their technical teams, including that of the Black Stars, which Kwasi Appiah supervised, along with technical teams that do not exist, must be dissolved.

It is farcical. Such preposterous moves should be in the past. I look forward to the new technical teams and of course, the Black Stars coach.

We have to support the GFA and the various technical people they will employ to manage our national teams but it should not be assumed that, questions will not be asked of the GFA and their real intentions.