Russia 2018: Japan through despite Poland defeat

By Haruna Mubarak
Poland beat Japan by 1-0 in Russia 2018
Poland beat Japan by 1-0 in Russia 2018

Japan are through to the round of 16 despite losing 0-1 to Poland at the ongoing Russia 2018 World cup.

The game started in a scrappy manner but it was Poland who dominated possession. Japan improved their game to become more involved in the game as Poland retreated into a defensive position.

Following those tactics deployed on the path of Japan, they created a good chance through a Polish player who sloppily gave the ball away to Muto, who wasted an initial chance but crossed into the middle to Okazaki, who headed wide of the target.

A few minutes later, Poland forced the Japanese goalkeeper, Kawashima to make an incredible save. A whipped cross into the middle was headed by Grosicki but Kawashima saved it superbly, the goal line decision system showed it was extremely close. The first half ended barren.