Sannie Daara dares Nii Lante Vanderpuye to name GFA officials who attempted to bribe him

By Mutala Yakubu
Saanie wants Nii Lante to 'name and shame'

The Deputy General Secretary in charge of Communications for the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Ibrahim Sannie Daara has dared former sports minister Nii Lante Vanderpuije to come out with names in relation to his recent allegations that the GFA pays bribe to sports ministers.

Recently, the former sports minister in an interview on an Accra based radio station revealed that the GFA has been inducing sports ministers to submit to their evil deeds at the FA.

The spokesperson of the Ghana FA, speaking on Happy FM’s Anopa Bosuo Sports, dared the former minister to come out with names of those who have been captured after his investigations.

“You were the minister. You had the power but you could not do anything about it. I’m daring him to mention the name of the one he has seen paying bribes to any sports minister. He talks too much and he should leave our sports alone. He needs fame but not this time. He just wants to divert our attention from our CHAN and world cup qualifiers. It’s only under his reign that Ghana has suffered in qualifiers. I dare him to come out to mention the persons involved. He is a great liar and has never authenticated any of his allegations” Sannie bewailed.

The Communications director for the GFA also said, due to Nii Lante’s poor performance, his party lost in the 2016 general elections and thus Nii Lante should be the hub for investigations into the reason why the NDC party lost the 2016 general elections; as he has been the worst sports minister ever for the country.

“As we speak the NDC party is investigating into why they lost election 2016. I’m telling them that if they want to get to the bottom of why they lost the election they should start with Nii Lante Vanderpuije. You were given the opportunity to help build the country’s sports and you came there singing ‘Kakai’, always making fake allegations which he can’t substantiate”. Sannie Daara supposed