“We will pay the Maidens next week as promised-” Sports Ministry assures

By Michael Abayateye
Nii Lantey Vanderpuye

The national female Under 17 team the Black Maidens will be paid the rest of their monies despite the accounts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports being frozen.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ministry, Otor Plahar, the Minister, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye managed to raise some funds outside the ministry’s coffers to pay $1,000 each to the playing body and the technical team and would pay the remaining $1,800 next week as promised.

The Ministry on Tuesday paid the amount to the Maidens who refused to leave their hotel in Accra until their $2,800 debt which included qualification bonus and per diems are paid.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure that we pay the rest of the money owed the maidens even if our accounts remain frozen,” he stated.

He said, the accounts of the Ministry have been frozen three weeks ago in order to clarify some spending done by the Local Organizing Committee of the 2008 Cup of Nations in Ghana.

Lawyers of the Ministry, he said, are working hard to ensure that the account is opened and certain it would not take much time before they get access to their funds.

He assured that, they would do well to ensure that they get the needed resources to develop sports in the country.