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WhatsApp backtracks on subtle change that saw capital letters added

By primenewsghana
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WhatsApp hit the headlines this week after users noticed a subtle change within the app.

'Online' and 'Typing' - words displayed under the other user's name in your chats - had changed from having lowercase first letters to a capital 'O' and a capital 'T'.

While this sounds fairly minor, many users were not happy about it, with one claiming it 'hurt my soul.'

If you were pained by the capital letters, there's good news - WhatsApp has confirmed that it's backtracking on the change.

'This was just a small test, but it's going back to normal now,' a spokesperson said.

The subtle change was introduced on both the iOS and Android WhatsApp apps last week.

While WhatsApp did not formally announce it, it garnered huge attention across social media.

Taking to X, one user wrote: 'Anyone else get irrationally annoyed by WhatsApp's latest iOS update where, if someone is online, it's now with a capital "O" (Online), or when someone is typing, it's a capital 'T' (Typing).

'Only a capital letter different, but I hate it so much.'

Another added: 'Anyone else really, admittedly irrationally, hate WhatsApp for added a capital letter at the beginning of Online and Typing?'

'Is anyone else really bothered by WhatsApp giving 'online' & 'typing' a capital letter now? It's hurting my soul,' one user vented on X (formerly Twitter)

One tweeted: 'Anyone else notice WhatsApp have changed the typing and online part at the top and made it a capital letter?! 'Making my eye twitch'

And one vented: 'Anyone else notice WhatsApp have changed the typing and online part at the top and made it a capital letter?!

'Making my eye twitch.'

The change initially appeared to be there to stay, with no option available within WhatsApp's settings to revert to the previous lowercase version.

However, WhatsApp has now confirmed that the good old lowercase letters have returned to the app once again.

The change comes shortly after WhatsApp launched four new text formatting options to make it easier for users to communicate.

These are the bulleted list, numbered list, block quote, and inline code.

These new options come in addition to the bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace options that are already available.


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