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84 dead in Nice attack, body count to rise

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Nice, attack
Nice, attack
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At least 84 people have reportedly been killed in an attack on France as the country celebrated Bastille Day.

A lorry loaded with weapons and hand grenades drove on to a pavement in Nice more than a mile before police shot dead the driver.

The truck driven by 31-year-old French citizen born in Tunisia, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel ploughed into a crowd of screaming revellers.

The killer is said to be known to police but not on a terror watch list. Many children are reported to be ‘between life and death’ in hospital with as many as 50 children believed to be undergoing treatment at a local facility.

Meanwhile U.K Prime Minister Theresa May has condemned the Nice terror attack in her first comments since last night’s massacre.

She said: “These were innocent victims enjoying a national celebration with their friends and families” adding “I will speak to President Hollande and make clear the United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder with France today as we have so often in the past.

“If as we fear this was a terrorist attack, then we must redouble our efforts to defeat these brutal murderers who want to destroy our way of life.”

A motorcyclist supposedly tried to stop the lorry before being run over and when two police officers fired shots at the driver, the vehicle accelerated and ran right in the middle of the crowd killing at least 84 people with the count expected to rise.

People are lighting candles outside the French embassy in London in tribute to the victims of the attack.

President Francois Hollande has called the incident a terrorist attack as has president Obama and former PM David Cameron.