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Female fugitive unhappy with picture cops posted of her, uploaded a nice one leading to arrest


Pride goeth before a fall ― and, for a woman on the run in Sydney, Australia, before an arrest.

Police said Amy Sharp hated the mug shots that the police gave to media and attempted to supply photos she considered more flattering.

Sharp, 18, is accused of escaping from a correctional facility on Aug. 19 where she was being held on “property offenses,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Although Sharp was considered a low risk to the public, the New South Wales police put out a bulletin asking for the public’s help and included two photos of the suspect looking glum with a blanket over her shoulders.

Neither the police nor the station expected the response they’d get from the post, most notably from the suspect herself.

Sharp allegedly replied to the post on Facebook, asking that the police pics be replaced with something more flattering.

Her comment ended up getting more than 60,000 likes. 

It’s possible that Sharp didn’t post the photo herself, but the picture and the comment both link to a Facebook page belonging to an Amy Sharp living in Sydney who resembles the woman in the police photo.

It was enough of a resemblance that officers were able to track down Sharp on Saturday evening at a park close to the facility she is accused of escaping from.

Sharp has since been charged with escaping lawful custody, as well as an outstanding warrant, according to CNN.