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ISIS releases new video showing terror attack on Washington DC

By PrimeNewsGhana
Terrorist group ISIS releases propaganda video
Terrorist group ISIS releases propaganda video
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ISIS has released a threatening new propaganda video showing them launching a terror attack on Washington DC and blowing up a bridge in London.

Abd al-Faqir Media - a group which supports ISIS - has released the footage dubbed: “Conquering Washington: Part 1”.
It shows fictional attacks using scenes from the hit films London Has Fallen and Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler.
The video begins with soldiers getting prepared to fight by gathering weapons and travelling across a deserted area in tanks.

ISIS video shows a van packed with explosives crossing a bridge in London
A map is then shown which has the caption: "Abu Al-Baraa Al Faransi that attacked the American military supply line".
Then a van is seen crossing a bridge in London packed with explosives.

A caption appears saying "The Istishhadi [martyr] starts from his den...with the intention of death...seeking his prey...killing and dying."
He then detonates it, causing the bridge to collapse and cars to fall into the River Thames. This particular scene is taken from London Has Fallen.

This particular image is taken from London has fallen
The "Mujahideen" (a person who is a jihadi) soldiers are then seen entering the "outskirts of the city" where they fire explosives at buildings.
Planes are then seen flying over Washington DC and shooting people dead in footage used from the film Olympus Has Fallen.
The clip then ends with tanks storming the streets and arriving at the White House.

The ISIS video ends with tanks storming the streets and arriving at the Whitehouse
An explosive is seen being launched and blowing up the Oval Office before the video ends.
Raphael Gluck of monitoring group Jihadoscope told the MailOnline the purpose of the video is to recruit new members.
He said: "It might sound stupid, even childish, but the video shows supporters an ISIS airforce and ISIS tanks rolling into DC, and maybe it gives an element of hope."
He added: "ISIS has been using every form of media including and especially motion picture at every turn. We've long passed the day that we're left open-mouthed at their visual and video effects."

Credit: Ghana